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"The truth will set you free." 
John 8:32

Prisrčno dobrodošli!

Na tej strani boste našli nekaj "potovalnih vodičev" do Sebe (takšnih, ki vodijo po najkrajši poti do cilja), pa tudi kakšen namig, da potujete samo v domišljiji in da ste v resnici že ves čas doma. 

Modrec želi z besedami zgolj izraziti svoje naravno stanje: Nisem človek, sem neopisljivo To

Postanite uresničevalci besede in ne le poslušalci, ki sami sebe varajo.
                                                                              Jakobovo pismo 1,22



Naslovnica trenutno še nima vsebine.


"In the pursuit of knowledge,
every day something is added.
In the practice of the Tao [Way],
every day something is dropped.
Less and less do you need to force things,
until finally you arrive at non-action.
When nothing is done,
nothing is left undone."
Tao te Jing

Kdo si lahko jemlje pravico hoditi po poti modrosti

Meditacija (dhjana), bogočastje (pudža), ceremonije in rituali ter druge dejavnosti so predpisani za tiste, ki so preveč otopeli, da bi mogli prepoznati voljo Absoluta. Samo tisti, ki so se sposobni odpovedati trojnim sadovom posvetnih prizadevanj, si lahko jemljejo pravico hoditi po poti modrosti (gnjana). Duhovni iskalci na vedantski poti morajo biti opremljeni z/s:

1.) sposobnostjo razlikovanja med minljivim in večnim,
2. sposobnostjo odločnega odrekanja zemskim in nadzemskim užitkom,
3. sposobnostjo obvladovanja čutil, samoobvladovanjem, nenavezanostjo, moralno trdnostjo, vero in enakodušnostjo ter
4. globokim hrepenenjem po osvoboditvi.

                                                                           Sri Sathya Sai Baba (Sathya Sai Vahini)

Peace is a butterfly

Peace is a butterfly, which, when pursued, is always just beyond your grasp,
but which, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you.

Butterfly Hand | Every year at the Krone conservatory they h… | Flickr

If thoughts are energy...

If thoughts are energy
and we never run out of them,
then it stands to reason
that the source of thought
is an inexhaustible source of energy.
It also stands that we might benefit greatly
if we could tap directly
into the source of thought.

Most of you still believe ...

Most of you still believe that you have to read books. Find sacred teachers. Meditate for hours. Travel the world looking for the right person, the right place, the right thing. Searching for the holy grail to become free. What are you doing when you do this? Aren't you accumulating more knowledge? You want to empty the garbage pail, not keep adding to it. True? But yet you keep adding to it. Every time you read a new book it comes out. You're adding to the garbage pail. In other words you're inflating your ego more and more, your ego becomes bigger and bigger. Because you have something new to talk about don't you. A new teacher, a new method, a new mantra, you become excited over this and you become excited over that. This is what keeps you back from realization. Always remember this. Never forget this. You want to subtract, you want to delete, not add on. 
~ Robert Adams

Edino zdravilo

"Na voljo imaš eno samo zdravilo: iskanje zdravil se mora končati!"

Nisargadatta Maharaj

Nothing can ever happen to you.

Nothing can ever happen to you. Why do you worry so much? What are you afraid of? Your life? You have no life.
What you call your life is nothing. It doesn't exist. It's no thing. You worry about your hair falling out. (laughter)
You worry about needing a new pair of shoes, you're getting fat, what a waste of energy. Like feeding a dead horse.
We're all going to wind up in the cemetery, so what difference does it make what you do?
-Robert Adams 

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Šele ko je školjka
prazna, se sliši v njej
šum oceana. 

        Igor Majaron
HAIKU NATURE POEMS: “Seashell on the beach” (“Caracol en la playa”) This  poem is dedicated to my grandfather – bodyandsoulnourishmentblog

Whatever happens, happens by itself

"Whatever happens, happens by itself. All this is the show, or the expression, of consciousness – the nature of it is change. It is the dance of the conscious presence. There are so many ways in which consciousness entertains itself, many different forms, abilities, capacities are functioning, but the functioning is merely to entertain itself. When it is tired, it rests in sleep, when awake it needs some kind of entertainment, some movement, some doing. They are all appearances in consciousness; each will last according to its own duration, but basically, nothing that happens has any validity or importance."

Nisargadatta Maharaj, Prior to Consciousness, January 27, 1981

Nisargadatta Maharaj - younger days - Photo 70 ~ Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

Jaz sem To

Jaz sem To

"Knjiga, ki bi jo moral imeti vsakdo, tudi če trenutno ne more do-umeti (ponotranjiti in zaživeti) njenega sporočila. Sporočilo indijske advaita tradicije namreč obrača na glavo posameznikov pogled nase in na življenje. Modrec – ” jnani”, džnani (tisti, ki je spoznal, ki ve na način, ki je onkraj vedenja in onkraj ne-vedenja) običajno ne nastopa javno.

Nisargadatta je bil izjema. S svojo preprosto in lahko razumljivo govorico je sodobnemu človeku običajno težko razumljive vsebine približal, kakor najbrž nihče drug. Sporočilnost advaita tradicije posameznik še lahko razume, jo nekako začuti, veliko težje pa je to do-umeti, ponotranjiti in to za-živeti. Ampak, kakor pravi tradicija, pomembno je enkrat slišati (prebrati) in ”seme” vedenja, znanja, se bo vsadilo. To, o čemer uči advaita oziroma Nisargadatta, je namreč človekova ”prava”, izvorna narava, ki vseskozi teži za tem, da bi bila prepoznana kot taka. Tudi v zen tradiciji je pravzaprav malo mojstrov, ki so znali stare tekste preobleči na novo in jih približati sodobnemu človeku. Za ”resnega” duhovnega iskalca, ki ni vešč tujih jezikov, je prevod Nisargadattinih pogovorov nekaj neprecenljivega."



Seek my grace

"Seek my grace within the Heart. 
I will drive away your darkness and show you the light.
This is my responsibility.
If you would only fix your gaze upon me, 
you would know 
that established in the Heart,
my gaze is ever fixed upon you."

- Sri Ramana Maharshi, Padamalai

Spiritual Lineage | Noris Binet

Meditation is your true nature.

D: Is a set meditation necessary for strengthening the mind?
Sri Ramana Maharshi: Not if you keep the idea always before you that it is not your work. At first, an effort is needed to remind yourself of it, but later on, it becomes natural and continuous. The work will go on of its own accord, and your peace will remain undisturbed.
Meditation is your true nature. You call it meditation now because there are other thoughts distracting you. When these thoughts are dispelled, you remain alone — that is, in the state of meditation free from thoughts; and that is your real nature, which you are now trying to gain by keeping away other thoughts. Such keeping away of other thoughts is now called meditation. But when the practice becomes firm, the real nature shows itself as true meditation.

- Maharshi's Gospel

Just keep quiet

Robert Adams | Tom Das

"You must always remember that silence is the greatest teacher.   

Quietness, silence, total stillness, it is the greatest teacher.

Reality shines through where there is silence.

If you want to experience reality, just keep quiet. 

That is all you have to do.

Shut up.

Stop talking.

Stop thinking.

Stop imagining.

Leave it all alone."

                                               Robert Adams

Kaj je greh?

"Greh je vse, kar narediš kljub védenju, kako bi bilo bolje."

Iz knjige Jaz sem To (Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj)

Rezultat iskanja slik za nisargadatta maharaj photo


  1. The enduring essence of consciousness extends beyond the brain, transcending it and capable of existing independently of it;
  2. This aspect of consciousness is eternal in nature, unbounded by space, time and matter, and is able to manifest in other forms and places throughout the spectrum of eternal existence;
  3. All things in the cosmos are interconnected at the quantum level, influencing each other non-locally and instantaneously, implying that all things are one in the grand web of creation;
  4. The meaning and purpose of all existence and the organizing principle of the cosmos which drives the evolution of all things is to become greater expressions of harmony and love….loving all things unconditionally, including oneself;
  5. There is a profound Intelligence or Source underlying the creation and evolution of the universe from which all things originate and to which all things return;
  6. In an interconnected universe an intricate matrix of cause-effect relationships exists, suggesting that what we to others we do to ourselves, which means that we reap what we sow; and
  7. The good of the one and the good of the whole are mutually enhancing, affirming the ancient wisdom that the quality of both individual and collective existence is enhanced by bringing every aspect of creation into a state of complete unity, harmony and love.


Odlomek iz Ribhu gite

Ribhu: »Nekoč je Šankara poučeval sina na gori Kailaš. Prenesel ti bom njegove besede. Pozorno prisluhni!
2.30 Ni pojavnega sveta. Nikoli ni bil ustvarjen, pa tudi sam po sebi sploh ne obstaja. Uporablja se izraz 'slika sveta', kajti svet je povsem izmišljen.
2.31 Pojavnega sveta sploh ni, pa tudi ne misli ali česa podobnega. Ni niti posamičnih osebnosti niti posamičnih duš. Vse to je izmišljeno, povsem izmišljeno, kajti obstaja edino Absolut.
2.32 Ni učinkov utvare ali česa podobnega. Ni strahu pred učinki utvare. Vse to je izmišljeno, povsem in do konca izmišljeno, kajti obstaja edino Absolut.
2.33 Ni delujočega, ni delovanja. Sin moj, ničesar ni mogoče narediti! Vse to je izmišljeno, povsem in do konca izmišljeno, kajti obstaja edino Absolut.
2.34 Ni 'enega', ni 'dvojega'. Ni mantre, ni tantre ali česa podobnega. Vse to je izmišljeno – izmišljeno, povsem izmišljeno – kajti obstaja edino Absolut.
2.35 Ni poslušanja ali premišljanja o slišanem. Globoka meditacija je zmota. Vse to je izmišljeno, zares povsem izmišljeno, kajti obstaja edino Absolut.
2.36 Ni raznih oblik meditativne zamaknjenosti. Ni mer, ni razsežnosti. Vse to je izmišljeno, zares povsem izmišljeno, kajti obstaja edino Absolut.
2.37 Dejansko ni nevednosti, niti pomanjkljivega razlikovanja. Vse to je izmišljeno, zares povsem izmišljeno, kajti obstaja edino Absolut.
2.38 Ni ne pomembnih ne postranskih reči. Nobena reč ni povezana z drugo. Vse to je izmišljeno, zares povsem izmišljeno, kajti obstaja edino Absolut.
2.39 Nikjer ni ne preteklosti ne prihodnosti ali česa podobnega. Dejansko nikjer ni sedanjosti ali česa podobnega. Vse to je izmišljeno, zares povsem izmišljeno, kajti obstaja edino Absolut.

Naročilo knjige KLIK

What causes us to be reborn?

Question: What causes us to be reborn?

Sri Ramana Maharshi: Desires. Your unfulfilled desires bring you back. And in each case - in each body - as your desires are fulfilled, you create new ones. You must conquer desire to be absorbed into the One and thus end rebirth.

Biography of Ramana Maharshi - Testimonies of Awakening


THE IDEA OF PROGRESS: the spiritual ego

Q. How am I to know if I am making any progress in my meditation?

AS: Those who meditate a lot often develop a subtle form of ego. They become pleased with the idea that they are making some progress; they become pleased with the states of peace and bliss that they enjoy; they become pleased that they have learned to exercise some control over their wayward minds; or they may derive some satisfaction from the fact that they have found a good guru or a good method of meditation.

All these feelings are ego feelings. When ego feelings are present, awareness of the Self is absent. The thought 'I am meditating’ is an ego thought. If real meditation is taking place, this thought cannot arise.

Don't worry about whether you are making progress or not. Just keep your attention on the Self twenty-four hours a day. Meditation is not something that should be done in a particular position at a particular time. It is an awareness and an attitude that must persist throughout the day. To be effective, meditation must be continuous.

If you want to water a field you dig a channel to the field and send water continuously along it for a lengthy period of time.

If you send water for only ten seconds and then stop, the water sinks into the ground even before it reaches the field. You will not be able to reach the Self and stay there without a prolonged, continuous effort. Each time you give up trying or get distracted, some of your previous effort goes to waste.

Continuous inhalation and exhalation are necessary for the continuance of life. Continuous meditation is necessary for all those who want to stay in the Self.

Treat children as if they were Gods

"Treat children as if they were Gods. Love them with all your heart and with all your soul. If you really love children the love that you feel for them will encompass them also. And they will become loving children. I don't mean love them with a human idea of love. I mean really love them. With all your heart and all your soul. See them as a sacred being. See them as a God. And realize divine right action is pouring itself through them. See only the goodness in them. Become an example for them. Do not tell them to do anything that you wouldn't do yourself. Children become what they see not what they hear. Therefore if there is peace in your home, if there is love in your home, there is joy in your home, I mean real peace, real love, real joy they have to pick it up. It has to pour into them. And they will react with love and with peace and with joy. They will grow up to be kind, compassionate, beautiful human beings and this will become a new world."

-Robert Adams 

There are no mistakes.

I cannot tell you enough that every situation that happens to you is necessary for your growth. There are no mistakes. Everything that you've been through, everything that you're going through is absolutely necessary for your spiritual growth. If it does not look kosher to you realize it's your mind reacting. It's your ego reacting. And the way to handle it, is to just observe. Do not get involved by arguing, fighting, trying to change things. Just observe. If you can observe without getting excited, then you've passed that test and you will not have to repeat it. But if you get angry, you get upset, you want to get even, you're always thinking about it and you have hate and animosity, even though you move away from that situation, you will meet that situation again and again and again, until you learn not to react to it. The universe is a university to educate the soul.

-Robert Adams

Zajahaj tigra!

Bralci so odlično sprejeli knjigo Jaz sem To, v kateri so zapisani pogovori Sri Nisargadatte Maharaja z obiskovalci. Ti biseri duhovnega znanja so zlasti namenjeni vsem, ki ste že utrujeni od tavanja po neskončnih labirintih duhovnega materializma – raziskovanja prejšnjih življenj, kristalov, čaker in horoskopov, prečiščevanja čustev, medosebnih odnosov in tako dalje – ter se želite odžejati pri izviru žive vode. Maharajeve besede prodrejo naravnost do bistva.

Za pokušino je pred vami začetek 92. poglavja z naslovom Dvigni se nad predstavo 'jaz sem telo'.   KLIK

Učiteljeve besede so jasne, polne ljubezni in lepote

Prvič sem obiskal Poonjajija junija 1990. Takrat je živel pri sinovi družini, v mestu Lucknow v Indiji. Ko sva z ženo prispela po naporni štirinajsturni vožnji z vlakom iz Nainitala v predgorju Himalaje, sva se znašla v vročini devetin-štiridesetih stopinj. Najprej sva telefonirala Poonjajiju in povedal nama je, kako prideva do njegove hiše. Ni se nama sanjalo, da bo to, kar se bo zgodilo ob petih popoldne, tako spremenilo najino življenje, da nikoli ne bova mogla biti dovolj hvaležna.

Tisti dan ni bilo drugih obiskovalcev. Sprejel naju je v dnevni sobi, kot da sva družinska člana. Ponudil nama je piškote in čaj. Nikoli v življenju nisem doživel takšne ljubezni na prvi pogled! Ni besed, ki bi ustrezno opisale lepoto v tistih očeh. Čez eno uro sva šla z njim na sprehod po ulicah. Kar je prej delovalo kot hrupno, vrveče mesto, je postalo paradiž, ko sva hodila ob njem. Zadnje, česar se spominjam tistega večera, je hoja proti najinemu hotelu. Tedaj sva doživljala radost, kakršne prej nisva poznala.

Pri Poonjajiju sta se me najgloblje dotaknili njegova ljubezen in ponižnost. Ko je moja žena čez nekaj dni zbolela, je osebno telefoniral zdravniku in ga vprašal za nasvet. Vsak dan se je napotil na tržnico, kjer je kupil svež jogurt in zdravila. Odpravil me je nazaj v hotel z natančnimi navodili, kako naj skrbim za ženo. Nato je še poklical voznika rikše, plačal vožnjo in mu podrobno razložil, kam naj me odpelje. Njegova ljubezen se je dotaknila vsega na njegovi poti!

Tisti teden je bral poglavje iz Abhishiktanandove knjige, ki opisuje srečanje tega krščanskega meniha z njim, leta 1953. Ko je Abhishiktananda vprašal Poonjajija, zakaj ga ni razsvetlil, mu je Poonjaji odgovoril, da ni »ločenega posameznika«, ki bi ga bilo treba razsvetliti. Samo um si ustvari predstavo o individualnosti in potem o vezanosti ter razsvetljenju. Tudi v času najinega obiska je govoril isto. V šestdesetih letih se ni nič spremenilo. 

Kakšen zaklad čaka bralca v poglavjih te knjige! Učiteljeve besede so jasne, polne ljubezni in lepote. Ni lepšega prizora od pogleda, ki ga naš ljubljeni Papa nameni človeku, željnemu samospoznanja. Največje možno darilo je, da takšen mojster hodi po zemlji v času našega življenja.

Predgovor k 2. zvezku knjige ZBUDI SE IN ZARJOVI (KLIK: več o knjigi) 

Everything becomes so peaceful when no words are spoken

Everything becomes so peaceful when no words are spoken. When there's nothing to think about. Never believe that you have something important to think about. All things are not important. No matter what you may think about it, it's not important. As long as you have to think of something, it's not important. 

-Robert Adams

Rezultat iskanja slik za aum sign photo

Don't think, some day the world will be a better place

Don't think, some day the world will be a better place in which to live. You'll be happy. It will never happen. Since the beginning of time, man has tried to improve this world, of no avail. Things some time seem to improve for a while, but it will become worse than ever before. Why? Because this is the way of this world. You have to have friction in this world in order for it to survive. If there is no friction in this world, this world would disintegrate totally. You'd have no world. It's good and bad, right and wrong, up and down, forward and backward.

In order for a jet plane to fly, there has to be the same amount of power pushing it back, resisting. This is how the plane flies, It has to have resistance. If there was no resistance it wouldn't fly. It wouldn't be able to get off the ground. So it is with our life.

-Robert Adams 

Rezultat iskanja slik za robert adams sage photo

Moteči hrup

"Moteči hrup je lahko prav toliko v pomoč kot tišina. Kako? S tem, da se v sebi nehaš upirati hrupu in dovoliš, da je, kakršen je.

Takšno sprejemanje te prenese v prostor notranjega miru, dušnega spokoja.  

Vedno, kadar z vsem bitjem sprejmeš sedanji trenutek, kakršen je – ne glede na obliko, ki jo privzame – si spokojen, umirjen."

E. Tolle, Govorica Tišine

Hiša na skali

»Zato je vsak, ki posluša te moje besede in jih uresničuje, podoben preudarnemu možu, ki je zidal svojo hišo na skalo. Ulila se je ploha, pridrlo je vodovje in zapihali so vetrovi ter se zagnali v to hišo, in vendar ni padla, ker je imela temelje na skali. Kdor pa te moje besede posluša in jih ne uresničuje, je podoben nespametnemu možu, ki je zidal hišo na pesku. Ulila se je ploha, pridrlo je vodovje in zapihali so vetrovi; zagnali so se v to hišo in padla je in njen padec je bil velik.«
Ko je Jezus končal te besede, so množice strmele nad njegovim naukom, kajti učil jih je kakor nekdo, ki ima oblast, in ne kakor njihovi pismouki.  

(Matej 7, 24-29)


Some of us wonder

"Some of us wonder why we have been on this path for a long time and we do not seem to make too much progress. It is because your compassion is not big enough."

-Robert Adams, 9th February 1992



Rezultat iskanja slik za sweet piglet photo

The Self will take care of everything

"When you have become one with the Self, a great power takes you over and runs your life for you. It looks after your body; it puts you in the right place at the right time; it makes you say the right things to the people you meet. This power takes you over so completely, you no longer have any ability to decide or discriminate.

The ego that thinks, 'I must do this,' or, 'I should not do that,' is no longer there. The Self simply animates you and makes you do all the things that need to be done. If you are not in this state, then use your discrimination wisely.

I tell you regularly, 'You are the Self. Everything is the Self.' If this is not your experience, pretending that 'all is one' may get you into trouble. Advaita may be the ultimate experience, but it is not something that a mind that still sees distinctions can practice.

Electricity is a useful form of energy, but it is also potentially harmful. Use it wisely. Don't put your finger in the socket, thinking, ‘All is one.'

You need a body that is in good working order in order to realize the Self. Realizing the Self is the only useful and worthy activity in this life, so keep the body in good repair till that goal is achieved.

Afterwards, the Self will take care of everything and you won't have to worry about anything anymore. In fact, you won't be able to because the mind that previously did the worrying, the choosing and the discriminating will no longer be there. In that state, you won't need it and you won't miss it."

Annamalai Swami – FINAL TALKS, p. 25

Pravi duhovni učitelj vas ne more ničesar naučiti

"Pravi duhovni učitelj vas ne more ničesar naučiti v običajnem pomenu te besede. Ničesar vam ne more dati ali pridati, denimo novih informacij, prepričanj ali pravil obnašanja. Edina vloga učitelja je, da vam pomaga odstraniti tisto, kar vas ločuje od resnice o vaši pravi naravi in od védenja, skritega v globinah vašega bitja. Naloga duhovnega učitelja je odkriti in razkriti razsežnost globin duha, ki je hkrati tudi globok mir."

Eckhart Tolle (iz knjige Sporočilo tišine)

Še en satsang Roberta Adamsa V SLOVENŠČINI

Nikoli ne veš, kdaj boš odšel. Morda čez eno uro, morda čez en dan, teden, mesec, leto. Kaj medtem počneš s seboj? Kaj počneš s seboj vsak dan? S čim se ukvarjaš, na kaj si navezan? Razmisli o tem, saj to določa, kaj se bo zgodilo s teboj.

Just wake up

Just wake up. Stop playing games, just wake up. All you've got to do is become tired of the world and just wake up. As long as you have desires, wants and needs you cannot wake up. So how many of you are ready to give up all your desires, wants and needs? Not too many, that's why you can't wake up. Because there's something in your mind that's very important to you. Get rid of that and you'll wake up. Even if you're thinking right now, I can't wait to go home and eat dinner, that's a strong desire. That prevents you from waking up. Or when I leave here I'm going to see this movie. That's a desire that prevents you from waking up. To wake up you've got to be desire-less, total desire-less. That's in your mind of course. It doesn't mean that you have to give up anything physically. You have to give it up mentally.

As an example: If you're attached to your car. And you're always thinking about your car, how you love it. You hope nobody steals it. Those thoughts have got to go. Enjoy your car. Drive your car, but do not allow it to possess you. In your mind that is. So you really don't have to give up anything physically. Everything is given up mentally.

-Robert Adams

Think of all the words you spoke

"Think of all the words you spoke. What have these words done for you? They are worthless.

So sitting in the Silence is magic. This is when things begin to happen, wonderful things. peace comes to you. Happiness comes to you all by itself. Joy comes to you. When you sit in the Silence you remember who you are."

-Robert Adams

Pozabiti lastno Sebstvo je največja škoda.

"Pozabiti lastno Sebstvo je največja škoda. Od tod izvirajo vse nesreče. Poskrbi za najpomembnejše! Manj pomembno bo potem poskrbelo zase. Nikoli ne pospravljamo zatemnjene sobe. Najprej odpremo naoknice. Ko spustimo svetlobo v prostor, vse postane lahko."

Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj (iz knjige Jaz sem To)

Če hočeš najti trajno radost...

"Če hočeš najti trajno radost, moraš gledati v pravo smer. Ne boš je našel v nobenem zunanjem objektu. Vsak objekt se pojavi, obstaja in nato izgine. Trajno, večno radost moraš poiskati drugje. Ne verjemi, da ti jo lahko nakloni objekt, najsibo človek, sonce, mesec ali zvezde. 
Znebi se nagnjenja, ki te vleče k zunanjim objektom, katerimkoli že. Prepreči umu, da bi se gibal v katerokoli smer navzven. Potem se boš samodejno vrnil k svoji notranji lepoti. To je tvoja narava – večna blaženost, ki je nisi nikoli občutil. Lahko da uživaš, lahko da vidiš čudovite prizore, ampak menim, da še nihče ni bil potešen z zasledovanjem zunanje lepote ali zunanje sreče. Zato ne zapravljaj življenja za predmetni svet. Obrzdaj um in ga odvadi usmerjenosti navzven, ki je trajala milijone let.

Zdaj je pravi čas. Tukaj si. Povsem moraš ustaviti privajeno gibanje uma navzven. Potem ga usmeri k lastnemu Sebstvu. Obstajati mora Sebstvo, ki podeljuje lepoto soncu, zvezdam in drugim nebesnim telesom. Odkrij torej, kdo je to Sebstvo, neizčrpni studenec lepote, ljubezni in sreče, ki si jih ves čas pogrešal.

Um se venomer žene za minljivimi užitki. Nenehno skače od enega do drugega. Samo če želiš nehati s tem enkrat za vselej, ustavi um in ga usmeri k njegovemu viru. Potem boš spoznal lepoto tega studenca. Um se bo potopil vanj in izginil za vedno."

Papaji: Zbudi se in zarjovi, 2. zvezek

Samo na en način se lahko izmuzneš usodi (karmi).

Bodisi počneš nekaj bodisi ne počneš nič. 
Bodisi raziskuješ svojo svobodo bodisi sprejemaš svoje suženjstvo. 
Imaš to svobodo.
Imaš prosto izbiro, da sprejmeš svojo svobodo ali da sprejmeš svoje suženjstvo. 
Pri tem karma in usoda ne moreta vplivati nate.
Svobodno lahko izbereš, da se potopiš globoko vase - kar počne večina med vami,
ali da ostaneš zgolj del tega sveta,
ki se vselej spreminja,

Robert Adams




Te besede si je vredno zapisati v srce

Nisi prišel sem, da bi spravil svet v red.
Nisi prišel sem, da bi pobotal vse z vsemi.
Nisi prišel sem, da bi koga kaj naučil ali da bi komu kaj razložil.

Tu si zato, da se zbudiš,
zbudiš iz smrtonosnih sanj.

Samo zato si tu.
To je edini razlog.

Robert Adams

Ribhu gita!

Epohalna Ribhu gita! Ta starodavna sveta knjiga je bila dolgo skrita v knjižnici nekega samostana in jo je šele v 20. stoletju na novo predstavil Šri Ramana Maharši. Za predokus sta tu začetek predgovora in začetek 30. poglavja


Najboljši način za utišanje uma

What is the highest thing you can possibly do to quiet the mind? And the answer is nothing. As long as you're doing something you're using the mind. Therefore the highest teaching is, do nothing. When you learn to do nothing, the mind will stop thinking all by itself, but when you do something, the mind will accumulate more knowledge, of things that you are doing, and become ever stronger, and stronger and stronger.
~ Robert Adams


Predstavitev knjige Jaz sem To v reviji Zarja - intervju s prevajalcem: KLIK


Povezana slika

V dneh velikega miru

Pripravljamo ponatis legendarne knjige V dneh velikega miru - po skoraj tridesetih letih od prvega izida. Avtor v njej popisuje svoja nevsakdanja doživetja ob Ramani Maharšiju in tudi nas vabi, naj stopimo na pot svobode. Za pokušino je tu kratek odlomek, v katerem je predstavljeno prvo srečanje z velikim modrecem: KLIK

Dovoli umu


Dovoli umu, naj govori in razmišlja, kakor hoče. Samo ne istoveti se s tem! Dovoli telesu, naj počne, kar mora. Samo ne reagiraj na to! Vse se bo zgodilo samo od sebe. Ko dopustiš umu, da razmišlja sam od sebe, se bodo misli začele redčiti in kmalu boš imel prazen um. Prazen um je zavest, je izpolnitev. 

To je vse, kar moraš storiti - imeti prazen um. Dokler pa verjameš, da si ti tisti, ki deluje, in hočeš na silo izprazniti um, ti ne bo uspelo, saj prisila zgolj okrepi um. Raje opazuj misli. Opazuj, kako um razmišlja in ga pusti pri miru. Ne istoveti se s svojimi mislimi ali s svojim telesom, saj v resnici ni ne telesa ne misli. Obstaja le Sebstvo in ti si to. 

Robert Adams

Kaj se zgodi ob samoizročitvi?

What happens is this: as you keep giving up all the reactions to life, as you begin to surrender everything to the one Self, the one Self which is the absolute reality, the pure awareness takes over. And will do whatever you have to do, even better than you can do it yourself. This power that knows the way will take you over completely. And it will speak for you. Do everything for you that you have to do and yet you will feel that you are not the doer. Yet everything will be done perfectly. Many people are afraid to give up their senses. For they believe that they will turn into a vegetable. But this is not true. You will always function. You will always do what you came to this earth to do. And you will even do it better than you ever can imagine. So do not concern yourself about these things. SImply go within, surrender everything to the Self. Give up everything.
~Robert Adams

Besede, ki ti lahko spremenijo življenje

Maharaj: Odmaknjenost od vseh želja in zadovoljstvo s tem, kar pride samo od sebe, je zelo dobrodejno stanje, je predpogoj za stanje izpolnjenosti. Ne bodi nezaupljiv zaradi njegove navidezne sterilnosti in praznine! Verjemi mi, da prav zadovoljevanje želja poraja stiske! Osvoboditev od želja je blaženost.

Spraševalec: Nekatere stvari potrebujemo.

Maharaj: Kar potrebuješ, bo prišlo k tebi, če ne boš prosil za stvari, ki jih ne potrebuješ. Vendar le peščica ljudi doseže takšno stanje popolne brezstrastnosti in nenavezanosti. To je zelo visoko stanje, sam prag osvoboditve.

-Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj (Jaz sem To)


Papaji pripoveduje o nepozabnem doživetju iz mladosti ...


Zakaj toliko uporabljaš besedo 'praznina'? Zdi se, da ti je beseda 'praznina' res všeč. 

Vsakogar privlačijo nekatere besede. Ko uporabim to besedo, govorim iz lastne izkušnje, ne iz kakšnega drugega razloga. To je moja izkušnja. Ne najdem primerne besede za opis te izkušnje. To je neopisljiva izkušnja, v njej ni niti sledu česarkoli. Nič. Z besedo 'praznina' lahko še najbolje opišem svojo izkušnjo. Nikoli ni bilo ničesar. Temu lahko rečeš praznina. Ne poznam druge ustrezne besede. 
Leta 1919, po koncu prve svetovne vojne, sem bil šolarček. Nadaljevanje...


Knjižica KDO SEM JAZ vsebuje sežeta navodila za izvajanje znamenite tehnike samospraševanja, ki jo je predstavil Sri Ramana Maharši. Sam je rekel, da je to najkrajša pot do spoznanja lastne Biti. 

Knjiga MAHARŠIJEV EVANGELIJ. Zavzet iskalec bo na teh straneh našel praktične nasvete in tudi usvojil prepričanje, da je njegova temeljna narava božanska. Prav to prepričanje ga bo podpiralo pri duhovnem prizadevanju.  

Knjižici sta objavljeni na spletni strani Maharšijevega ašrama in sta dostopni brezplačno. Našli ju boste na dnu strani pod označbo ELEKTRONSKE KNJIGE – Slovenski jezik. http://www.sriramanamaharshi.org/resource_centre/digital-library/

Če želite natisnjeni izvod za svojo knjižnico ali za darilo, ga lahko naročite pri založbi Stella na tel. 07/307 39 40. 


Papaji o tem, zakaj je nevarno odlašati

Nekdo te vpraša: »Kdo si?« Če odgovoriš ... KLIK


"Odlašanje je kakor mlin; melje dan in noč. Mlin se vrti in melje vsa bitja kakor žitna zrna. Mlin dela, mlinski kamen se vrti in melje bitja. 
Tu in tam je kdo varen blizu osi, kjer ga nič ne more zmleti. Vse, kar je oddaljeno od središča, Sebstva, absolutnega bivanja, pa mora biti zmleto." 

Pismo Roberta Adamsa

Pismo, v katerem Robert Adams med drugim pojasni, v čem je težava pri zastavljanju vprašanj z vidika posameznika. KLIK 

"Povsem se predaj svojemu Sebstvu! Zaupaj Sebstvu glede vsega! Spoznaj, da se nisi nikoli rodil in da nikakor ne moreš umreti; da si večna Sreča, večni Mir. Om šanti om."


Yoganandovo doživetje kozmične zavesti

»Telo mi je na mestu otrpnilo; bilo je, kot bi mi nekakšen velikanski magnet potegnil zrak iz pljuč. Duša in um sta se v trenutku osvobodila telesnih spon in sta kot tekoča, prodorna svetloba strujala iz vsake moje pore. KLIK

(Odlomek iz duhovne klasike Avtobiografija jogija

Zaupaj v Silo, ki pozna pot (napotek Roberta Adamsa)

Poglej, živiš v kozmosu, ki obstaja sam po sebi; je samobiten, samozadosten. To pomeni, da so vse tvoje potrebe zadovoljene od znotraj. Vse tvoje potrebe so zadovoljene od znotraj. A to se zgodi le, če dopustiš, da je tako. KLIK

Vivekanandovo prvo srečanje z Aštavakra Gito

Ko je Vivekananda obiskal Ramakrishno, mu je bilo še vedno ime Narendranath. Pozneje ga je Ramakrishna poimenoval Vivekananda. Ob prvem obisku je bil Vivekananda izredno prepirljiv, bil je ateist, racionalist. Za vsako stvar je hotel dokaz. NADALJEVANJE

"Človeštvo ima mnogo svetih spisov, a nobenega ni mogoče primerjati z Aštavakrovo Gito. Vpričo nje Vede zbledijo in Upanišade govorijo s slabotnim glasom. Niti Bhagavad Gita ni tako veličastna kot Aštavakra Samhita. Enostavno ji ni para." (Osho)

Aštavakra Gita že nekaj tisočletij navdihuje velikane človeštva. Zdaj jo imamo končno v slovenskem prevodu, s čudovito likovno opremo. Dobite jo v knjigarni Zdaj (059 951 622 - razen ponedeljka) ali v spletni knjigarni Om Šiva Ezoterika

Robert Adams - satsang "Znamenja napredka" V SLOVENŠČINI

Človek na duhovni poti se prej ali slej vpraša, ali je kaj napredoval. Če boste prebrali besede Roberta Adamsa, si boste lahko zanesljivo odgovorili na to vprašanje.

"Prvo znamenje je občutenje miru, v katerem te življenjske okoliščine ne motijo več. Svet se navidezno vrti naprej. Začneš ga gledati kot film."


Robert Adams - satsang "Vse je v redu" V SLOVENŠČINI

Slovenski prevod navdihujočega satsanga velikega modreca, v katerem med drugim izveste, zakaj se ne morete razsvetliti. 

"Poznaš veliko poduhovljenih ljudi, ki menijo, da imajo poslanstvo. Prišli so rešit svet. Ne zmorejo rešiti niti sebe, namenili pa so se rešiti svet." KLIK