Treat children as if they were Gods

"Treat children as if they were Gods. Love them with all your heart and with all your soul. If you really love children the love that you feel for them will encompass them also. And they will become loving children. I don't mean love them with a human idea of love. I mean really love them. With all your heart and all your soul. See them as a sacred being. See them as a God. And realize divine right action is pouring itself through them. See only the goodness in them. Become an example for them. Do not tell them to do anything that you wouldn't do yourself. Children become what they see not what they hear. Therefore if there is peace in your home, if there is love in your home, there is joy in your home, I mean real peace, real love, real joy they have to pick it up. It has to pour into them. And they will react with love and with peace and with joy. They will grow up to be kind, compassionate, beautiful human beings and this will become a new world."

-Robert Adams